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Metallica - The Big Clean

20 June 2019

Stadium ready for 80,000

Traditionally, the iconic venue for the Home of Rugby, the Stadium was transformed into a musical hub for the evening for heavy-metal fans. Metallica set the ground alight with their classic riffs as triumphant and familiar notes from renowned albums were blasted around the amphitheater.

set up cleaning

To complete this transformation from rugby stadium to music venue, it takes two days on LSS' part. It all begins with a complete ground heavy clean with cleaners and housekeepers ensuring every aspect of the stadium bowl, concourses, hospitality suites, boxes and washrooms are spick and span, ready to receive excited fans.

The big clean doesn't stop as the show starts, it only gets busier for LSS as the team work hard to maintain high levels of cleanliness throughout the venue. As the last guest leaves, the post clean begins. It takes just two days to do the post-clean and get the venue ready for the next working week as though nothing has happened.

The biggest challenge in this changed environment is quite rightly health and safety - our teams must diligently work around stage set up, rigging, rehearsals, sound checks and everything else that comes with such a transformation. We've done it before and we'll do it again. It's a great atmosphere to work in and those heavy metal fans among us get to sing along as we going about our doing our job!