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Meet our MD, Lee Moody

29 July 2019

What does a typical day look like for you?

Every day is different, I have the privilege of working with teams in diverse venues such as Wimbledon, Chelsea, Twickenham, Edgbaston and SEC in Scotland so the calendar is full all year round. There is as much time taken up with supporting the teams in preparing for the events as attending the events themselves.

Typically, my day would start at 5.00 am travel to a venue and meet the LSS team and client to discuss upcoming events, review budgets and plans for retention and growth.   

What would you say is the biggest challenge?

To constantly evolve the service and not rest on our laurels after delivering an event or day to day service, challenging ourselves to review, improve and innovate.   

What makes a great leader?

Great leaders build great teams and share a vision that the group will commit to and deliver with enthusiasm. Without the team being on board any endeavour will eventually fail.

Where do you see LSS in five years?

LSS will be the premium provider of event and services UK wide, working with a diverse portfolio of clients sharing our vision of what excellence looks like

What advice would you give anyone aspiring to join the LSS team?

LSS can provides a fantastic career for anyone looking to work in a diverse, dynamic and fast paced business. Someone looking to join us would find a very committed supportive team who will challenge mediocracy and push you to be your best

Career highlight?

Taking over a £15m hotel cleaning service, delivering front of house and room cleaning across 45 hotels across the country, mobilising and transferring the service in 4 weeks